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It’s sew easy – the place for  creative and contemporary  sewing with instructions, videos, patterns and projects presented by leading sewing experts  for beginners and experienced sewers.  Featuring apparel, quilting and home dec.

Series 1100 – Always in Style
This season on It’s Sew Easy, today’s foremost design, sewing and embellishment experts, featuring Angela Wolf, share ideas and techniques to help you make your personal style statement. Learn to select patterns, fabrics, trims and accessories to express your signature style – that style that is uniquely you. Create one-of-a-kind fashions for work, for weekends and for evening and design stylish costumes and home décor, too.  See why It’s Sew Easy to let your unique personality – your style - shine through.


1101 - Style on the Edge
Rebecca Kemp Brent finishes seams in various ways for a couture look.

  Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/Hsj5VdhYF1w

 Joanne Banko creates reverse appliqué motifs.

  Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/wIxaXzF7ylk


Gretchen Hirsch uses border prints and scalloped edges to style her designs.

1102 – Stylish Accessories

Cheryl Sleboda makes colorful espadrilles.   

  Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/WP6tRqi7bzo


Joanne Banko adds texture and style to garments using decorative stitches.   


Kim Montagnese embellishes a tote bag with free motion stitching.

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/O41vOvUJvfQ

1103 - Stylish Home

Cheryl Sleboda makes colorful, smocked pillows.


Heather Valentine combines unusual materials to create a sewing caddy.

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/KT48Gcbv-nA


Lisa Shepard Stewart stitches a lush wall-hanging.

1104 -Personalized Style

Eileen Roche restyles a t-shirt with embroidery.

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/UgDz6L7ZS9c


Angela Wolf has a style tip for quickly updating a classic jacket. 

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/-LmVY3PoMWo


Rebecca Kemp Brent uses basic computer fonts and a sewing machine to create beautiful monograms.

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/VJ-Ogv8nbdM

1105 - The Stylish Girl
Carla Macklin sews a cute, versatile vest for boys or girls  

Deb Barcello shows an easy way to make a narrow hem.   


Angela Wolf gives a professional finish to knit hems.

Deb Barcello makes circle skirt.  
1106 – Styling Details

Kay Whitt shows how to sew classic set-in sleeves. 

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/Flq64RBYkNA


Judy Kessinger installs a zipper in a new way.


Rebecca Kemp Brent has a tip for sewing elastic.


Heather Valentine adds spirit and style to a fleece vest with colorful zippers.

1107 – Style for Evening

Louis Carney adds glitz to men’s fashions with metallic thread and crystals.


Joanne Banko creates Asian-inspired sleepwear with embroidered details.

Watch the video for this  project online:https://youtu.be/AK_0qLTFYCA

1008 – Shape and Style

Judy Kessinger creates a variety of pant styles from one pattern.   

Watch the video for this  project online: https://youtu.be/5Z_BD9c6CWk


Angela Wolf shares tips for selecting and cutting out knits.   


Gretchen Hirsch adds eyelets to create a lace–up bodice.

1109 – Active Style

Joanne Banko shares her favorite techniques to sew a custom-fit swimsuit.


Cheryl Sleboda has a style tip to make jeans fit better.


Angela Wolf creates well-fitting leggings with today’s sportiest look.

Watch the video for this  project online: https://youtu.be/M3p0pRC2pK4

1110 – Casual Style

Caroline Hulse mixes woven and knit fabrics to make a stylish tunic. 


Angela Wolf restyles a classic A-line skirt.

Watch the video for this  project online: https://youtu.be/Vd9o3aIoEj8

Judy Kessinger creates many top styles from just one pattern.  
1111 – Style That Goes Everywhere

Angela Wolf creates a quick and easy high-style dress. 


Joanne Banko has a style tip for making a fashion-forward t-shirt. 


Heather Valentine whips up a super-simple skirt.

1112 – Retro Style for Today

Cheryl Sleboda creates authentic-looking Steampunk accessories.

Watch the video for this  project online: https://youtu.be/naW_yiT3cVE

Gretchen Hirsch shares a style tip for making miles of ruffles.  

Angela Wolf redesigns an out-of-style jacket to create a trendy vest.

1113 – Style and Technology

Eileen Roche adds flair to a traditional skirt with machine embroidery.

Watch the video for this  project online: https://youtu.be/yJfZfbyKKOs


Eileen Roche shows how to place embroideries in a flattering way.


Kim Montagnese combines computer technology with traditional sewing techniques for a  pillow design.


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